Friday, August 29, 2008

Know His Voice

I love most aspects of God’s creation. I cant say I enjoy it all as reptiles do give me the heeby-jeebies. Actually I’m down right afraid of snakes. But God created animals for His pleasure, so I take pleasure in them also. I’m especially drawn to cats. Now I know not everyone is a cat-lover, but I am so please forgive me if loving cats offends you.

I heard a repetitive statement as I grew up—“You can do whatever you want when you grow up and live in your own house.” So when I grew up, I did just that. As a child I was not allowed to have a cat for my mother was allergic to them. So therefore, ever since I can remember living on my own, I’ve had a cat. Cats have different personalities, just like people have different personalities. Some cats are loners and prefer not to be around others. Some cats are people lovers and want lots of attention.

Last December upon the prodding of my oldest son, we adopted a cat. In all respect, we all thought this cat would be his cat. But we learned that cats choose who they own. Well, Midnight chose me. She follows me around the house. If I’m in the kitchen, she sits in the kitchen window sill. If I go to living room, she sits in the living room and so forth. So I started calling her girlfriend because she hangs out with me.

I learned to talk to animals from my grandmother, aka Granny. She talked the dogs and cats as if they were people. She was able to discern what they were “saying” to her. So I believe I inherited this gift. My husband laughs when he sees a conversation going on between the cat and myself. Our conversations are like this:

Me: Hey girlfriend, what’s going on?

Girlfriend: Mmm-rrrrrr-eoooow.

Just so you know, she rolls her meows as she speaks in Spanish.

Me: Really? Is that so? I’m having some lunch, do you want some?

Girlfriend: mmm-rrr-oooowwww.

Me: You better stick to the cat food. People food will mess up your bowels and I’m the one that has to do the cleaning.

Girlfriend paces back and forth around my feet purring loudly.

At nap time our conversation might go like this [By the way, I put Girlfriend down for a nap like a mother lies with her toddler. After all it is my parental duty.]:

Me: Hey Girlfriend, are you ready for a nap?

Girlfriend: mmm-rrrrrrr-eoooow

Me: Let’s go.

Girlfriend jumps up and runs to the bedroom claiming her spot on the outside of the bed as she does not like to lie in the middle.

Me: Come on Girlfriend move over I need room to get in.

Girlfriend: mmmm-rrrrrr-eeooow.

I climb over her yielding to her demand. After she drifts off to sleep, I get back up for my other duties.

As I stated before, my husband laughs as he has never seen a person and an animal actually carry on a conversation. I talk and she meows. I think I have finally convinced him we really do have conversations as I “discern” what she’s saying.

Well some people may think I’m crazy when I hear Jesus. But He said:

“My sheep hear My voice, I know them, and they follow Me.” (John 10:27 HCSB)

In John 10, Jesus tells us that He is the Shepherd and we are the sheep. The sheep follow Him for they know Him and know His voice.

How does one get to know someone’s voice? They spend time together.

I can understand what Girlfriend wants as she follows me around all day. She knows my voice. While I was away at the Siesta Fiesta, she didn’t hear me. When I walked in the house and announced my presence, she came out from where ever she was to see me. My husband told me he didn’t see her much while I was gone.

As believers in Christ, we need to spend time with Him to know Him and to recognize His voice. For me, I intentionally set my alarm each morning to wake up before anyone else to spend time with Him. Then all throughout the day, I talk with Him. I praise Him. I thank Him. I cry to Him. I complain to Him. In return, He leads me. Quiets me. Comforts me. He gives me little “kisses” throughout the day letting me know He’s there.

We’re called peculiar anyway, so lets get even more so by getting to know Jesus more intimately and knowing His voice.

Engrafted by His Grace--

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Karen said...

Just poppin' by to tell you I saw you on the siesta fiesta recap video on The LPM blog! I bet it was awesome!

Take care,

Kathy S. said...

Do you really lay down with your cat for a nap? Maybe I should get a cat in the house again...

I am being drawn to deeper intimacy with Jesus, and I will remember that part. I need to lay down for a nap with Him!

My DH jumps out of bed the minute he awakens, I long for him to stay and just chat...But the One who never leaves is always available, so I sometimes linger w/ Him...

Momofsix said...

What a precious thought of you and the cat talking back and forth. YOu should have posted a photo of midnight!

Anyway- great analogy. I often times wonder if I know HIs voice. I must confess, I am not faithful to praying, I have been faithful to reading, but not praying. Maybe because I do not know what to say. Isn't that funny? If you knew me well- you would know that is really funny- Angie not know what to say!

Thank you Shonda- for remindering us we need to have a relationship with HIM, like we would each other.

Your Siesta

annie's eyes said...

I'm loving this. I thought I was finished raising kids, then we got a dog, and I have a perpetual two year old, who is, by the way, right here beside me now. I like the way you parallelled the knowing what they need and us recognizing God's voice as we spend glorious time with Him. Happy Labor Day. Love, Annette

Michelle V said...

Shonda, I love this post! You are so right about knowing His voice! And, finally, another cat person! :) This morning I woke up and laughed because my cat was laying on the other side of bed still sound alseep, but flat on his back with all four legs out to the sides. He was out cold! And it was too cute!


Alene said...

I love this! Your recap of your conversation with your cat - I can so relate! Love how she rolls her meows!!! love ya girl.

Van said...

I talk with my dog all the time. He is a great communicator - even wrote a book about his life! He loves to visit pre-schools and show off in front of the kids all the while teaching them the importance of choosing a master, following and obeying - it all leads to life in the palace.

lisasmith said...

What a beautiful picture of hearing his voice! I have an animal lover in my house who will probably totally get this! Conversations with animals, both real and stuffed, are frequent in my home!!