Friday, August 3, 2007

Father Knows Best

I wrote the following poem about six or seven years ago. When the testing and trials season comes, I just have to remember that:

Father Knows Best

Father knows best,
This is just a test.
I will take a stand,
Against the enemy's hand.
For now I am in my Father's arms,
Where the enemy can do no harm.
Now I can rest,
'Cause Father knows best.
Oh Lord-You have protected me,
And provided my every need.
Oh No! How can this be?
The enemy is after my seed!
I must have gone astray,
Oh Lord, show me the way.
This is just a test,
Father knows best.
Oh how my faith has endured,
And my salvation is secured.
Now I have passed this test,
Father knows best!

Shonda R Whitworth

4 gracious comments:

Darla said...

Thanks for this post! It brought tears to my eyes, and helped me to remember...I am passing tests, and Jesus prays for me to be an overcomer. Love your writing...thanks for your encouraging words on my really summed it all up! Love, Princess to Princess

Anonymous said...

Wow Shonda! Thanks for sharing that. God does know best in ALL situations. We just need to rest in His care. I'm speaking to myself as well here! When you get a chance, read Proverbs 2:1-11. It speaks some powerful and encouraging words!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing that with all of us , we really needed that. Thanks so much for all the encouraging blogs that you write. May God Bless You and Heaven Smile on You.


annie said...

Father Knows Best, and Sonda knows Father. Rest in Him and thanks for the beautiful poem. Spoke volumes to me today.