Saturday, June 23, 2007

Anniversary Blessings

Eldon & I reached 19 years of marriage on June 22. Instead of going off on our own we took the family and went to the Texas Rangers v. Houston Astros MLB game in Arlington, Texas. We took my father-in-law, our youngest child--Chase and Chase's friend Elisha. We enjoyed the game as Houston Astros fans. When we arrived and the Astros were on the field we had the opportunity for the boys to get autographs by a couple of the players. Craig Biggio signed Chase's glove before the game started.

Once we took our seats in center field we were in for quite an unexpected treat. After the opening ceremonies of skydivers, the Texas song, and the national anthem, the Astros were first up to bat. First batter up struck out. Second batter up struck out. Then third batter up hit a home run! The ball was heading right at us. It seemed the ball was going in slow motion and the before I knew it Eldon was jumping up to catch the ball. He had it! Then it rolled out of his glove. The man behind him got the ball. Fortunately for us that they were Texas Ranger fans. His friends were telling him to throw it back. Chase asked if he could have it and the crowd was chanting for the man to give the ball to the child. He smiled and gave the ball to Chase who is a big fan of the Houston Astros.

You can see this homerun hit at the following link: Berkman homer
On June 22, 20007, click Berman homer and enjoy the video segment. If you watch carefully yet quickly you will see Eldon (the good looking man in black) jumping for the ball.

This was such a blessing for Chase and what a gift for Chase from the Lord. And what a way to make a mother and father so happy for their child. The reason this was such a blessing is that after 5 games in the Little League Season, Chase broke his arm and was not able to finish out the baseball season nor play with the all stars. He has his cast off now, but his arm is still in the healing process. We had promised Chase that if God was willing we would take him to this game and the Lord did exceedingly more than we expected!

May you be encouraged that the Lord knows the desires of our heart.

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Husband

I would like to introduce you to my husband and his favorite toy--Eldon and the Great White. You can visit with Eldon at

Romeo Returns from Overseas Service

My dear friend, Romeo T., has recently served a tour of duty overseas with the USAF. Thank God he served safely and has returned home to the US. He spent 4 months in the heat of the desert and is gladly back "enduring" the Del Rio heat. We had a great fellowship lunch with him upon his return which coincided with Elias' arrival. We had a nice steak and potato lunch for both of them.


Elias Ngome Visits Del Rio

Elias Ngome from Cameroon is visiting Del Rio until July 2. He has come over to eat with us several times and has visited with us on many occasions while in Del Rio. He is here on an itinerant visit to raise prayer support and financial support for his missions work in Cameroon, Africa. Elias is an agricultural engineer. He teaches the people of Cameroon how to farm and how to sell their goods at the market in order to bring finances into their household. After teaching them to farm, he with other missionaries share the gospel message to those in the village. He has a very good success rate in sharing the Gospel with those in isolated villages. Please learn more about his ministry at Bread for Life or click here to visit his blog.

If you visit my site under the link "The Call", I share about my short 2 weeks in Cameroon while on short term missions trip. Elias was the guy who ensured we went where we needed to go; provided the transportation we needed; arranged the lodging; and ensured we had all our meals. Elias made sure we stayed safe on our journeys as we had the crusades.

I do ask that you keep Elias & his wife & daughters in your prayers!



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When Shonda received her name at birth, the Lord established her testimony. Shonda means God is gracious. “Once wild for the things of this world, now I’m wild for Jesus by God’s grace!” Shonda declares.

Shonda is a speaker, teacher and writer with a heart for women. She speaks and writes to encourage other women to pursue the most important thing worth pursuing—a relationship with Jesus. This pursuit is worth all the obstacles and challenges. God’s grace is sufficient. She points to the One who has the power to transform lives. Shonda connects with other women through her personal experiences and testimony of God’s faithfulness in her life.

As a child, Shonda tasted the fruit of the cultivated olive tree. But then the accuser planted a seed of fear with the thought, “How can Jesus love me after all I’ve done?” Frightened, she ran away while living up to her surname—Savage. One wild experience after another kept her broken and battered. Exhausted and no where else to hide she reached out for the Lord. What the Lord did next, He desires to do for all who seek Him. He grafted her into the Root—Jesus Christ. Nourished, loved and accepted, Shonda is flourishing under the hand of the Master Gardener. Each new season brings pruning, blossoms, seeds and fruit.

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