Friday, June 22, 2007

Elias Ngome Visits Del Rio

Elias Ngome from Cameroon is visiting Del Rio until July 2. He has come over to eat with us several times and has visited with us on many occasions while in Del Rio. He is here on an itinerant visit to raise prayer support and financial support for his missions work in Cameroon, Africa. Elias is an agricultural engineer. He teaches the people of Cameroon how to farm and how to sell their goods at the market in order to bring finances into their household. After teaching them to farm, he with other missionaries share the gospel message to those in the village. He has a very good success rate in sharing the Gospel with those in isolated villages. Please learn more about his ministry at Bread for Life or click here to visit his blog.

If you visit my site under the link "The Call", I share about my short 2 weeks in Cameroon while on short term missions trip. Elias was the guy who ensured we went where we needed to go; provided the transportation we needed; arranged the lodging; and ensured we had all our meals. Elias made sure we stayed safe on our journeys as we had the crusades.

I do ask that you keep Elias & his wife & daughters in your prayers!


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