Saturday, June 23, 2007

Anniversary Blessings

Eldon & I reached 19 years of marriage on June 22. Instead of going off on our own we took the family and went to the Texas Rangers v. Houston Astros MLB game in Arlington, Texas. We took my father-in-law, our youngest child--Chase and Chase's friend Elisha. We enjoyed the game as Houston Astros fans. When we arrived and the Astros were on the field we had the opportunity for the boys to get autographs by a couple of the players. Craig Biggio signed Chase's glove before the game started.

Once we took our seats in center field we were in for quite an unexpected treat. After the opening ceremonies of skydivers, the Texas song, and the national anthem, the Astros were first up to bat. First batter up struck out. Second batter up struck out. Then third batter up hit a home run! The ball was heading right at us. It seemed the ball was going in slow motion and the before I knew it Eldon was jumping up to catch the ball. He had it! Then it rolled out of his glove. The man behind him got the ball. Fortunately for us that they were Texas Ranger fans. His friends were telling him to throw it back. Chase asked if he could have it and the crowd was chanting for the man to give the ball to the child. He smiled and gave the ball to Chase who is a big fan of the Houston Astros.

You can see this homerun hit at the following link: Berkman homer
On June 22, 20007, click Berman homer and enjoy the video segment. If you watch carefully yet quickly you will see Eldon (the good looking man in black) jumping for the ball.

This was such a blessing for Chase and what a gift for Chase from the Lord. And what a way to make a mother and father so happy for their child. The reason this was such a blessing is that after 5 games in the Little League Season, Chase broke his arm and was not able to finish out the baseball season nor play with the all stars. He has his cast off now, but his arm is still in the healing process. We had promised Chase that if God was willing we would take him to this game and the Lord did exceedingly more than we expected!

May you be encouraged that the Lord knows the desires of our heart.

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