About Shonda

When Shonda received her name at birth, the Lord established her testimony. Shonda means God is gracious. “Once wild for the things of this world, now I’m wild for Jesus by God’s grace!” Shonda declares.

Shonda is a speaker, teacher and writer with a heart for women. She speaks and writes to encourage other women to pursue the most important thing worth pursuing—a relationship with Jesus. This pursuit is worth all the obstacles and challenges. God’s grace is sufficient. She points to the One who has the power to transform lives. Shonda connects with other women through her personal experiences and testimony of God’s faithfulness in her life.

As a child, Shonda tasted the fruit of the cultivated olive tree. But then the accuser planted a seed of fear with the thought, “How can Jesus love me after all I’ve done?” Frightened, she ran away while living up to her surname—Savage. One wild experience after another kept her broken and battered. Exhausted and no where else to hide she reached out for the Lord. What the Lord did next, He desires to do for all who seek Him. He grafted her into the Root—Jesus Christ. Nourished, loved and accepted, Shonda is flourishing under the hand of the Master Gardener. Each new season brings pruning, blossoms, seeds and fruit.

Shonda will encourage you to lose sight of the wild, worldly desires by being grafted into the source of wild grace in Christ Jesus.

To learn more about Shonda, please visit her website Engrafted by Grace.