Monday, October 29, 2007


I started blogging in June this year and I have met lots of wonderful people through the blogs, email, and a few with phone conversations. Last Friday, I had an opportunity to meet with Marina of Daughter of the King in real life! Marina is the winner of The Preacher's Wife History Channel Giveaway!

Marina and I met in San Antonio where I picked up my mother from a business conference and we had lunch at Demo's Greek Restaurant. My mother called a friend of hers and all four of us just had a hoot of a time! I'm only sad because we just had an hour and a half together. It flew by too fast.

Here's a picture of Marina and I after a lunch full of food and lots of laughter!

We are looking forward to many more meetings. We are looking at plans for the Women of Faith in February and of course Beth Moore in August. Please let me know if you plan to attend either of these conferences, I'd love to meet you!

4 gracious comments:

jen said...

Oh ya'll look so pretty! I'm not sure about Women of Faith, but mom and I are both coming to the Beth Moore Siesta Fiesta! :) I can't WAIT to meet you! (in person) :)

Ang baylis said...

I cannot believe how cool it is to meet such amazing people on this blog! I look forward to meeting you one day! I need to check out the Women of Faith in February! I am so happy for you to have met your new friend!

Angie xoxo

p.s. You are beautiful! ( is Marina)

Karen H TX said...

Hey Shonda, wow it seems that everyone is going to San Antonio. Annie went a couple of weeks ago, you just went and now I'm going tomorrow. Too bad we couldn't have planned better. My son is graduating from Air Force Basic Training. I'm so excited to go. I've really missed him a lot. He's the first to leave home. It's so different just with one missing. I have gotten to speak with him on a couple of occasions, but not as much as I would have liked. Would love to meet with you one day. I too am meeting some wonderful women online and hopefully will meet all in person some day. Annie and I are still trying to meet at Beth Moore's tuesday Bible Study, but we keep missing each other. One though...Keep writing... love to hear about things that are going on elsewhere. Your Sister Karen

Ang baylis said...

Hi Shonda!

I left you a little "treat" on my blog!
Angie xoxo