Friday, February 15, 2008

Take God at His Word

I never dreamed of having such a wonderful fellowship of Christian blogger friends. I’ve been blessed in more ways than I could imagine (Eph. 3:26) and I’ve been challenged too (Proverbs 27:17).

Karen asked me to fill in for her weekly “Sabbath Reflections” which she writes on her blog each weekend. Karen will be on convalescent leave for the birth of her baby. Karen’s baby girl was born last Tuesday. Yet, the baby has been in the hospital for almost two weeks being treated for a collapsed lung. Last I heard, she was to come home with the baby today. Karen I hope you’re home! I pray all is well with you and baby. I hope to hear from you soon! [Ya’ll please pray for Karen and the baby. Please go visit her at her blog and let her know you’re praying for her.] Below is what I wrote for Karen’s “Sabbath Reflections.”

I’ve had many struggles this week. Each trial seems to come before I have another under control. Tornadoes are predicted in our weather forecast for this Friday night in my part of Texas, but I feel like I’ve already been caught in a tornado in my emotions. But I presume I should expect such trials after having such a wonderful time at the Women of Faith conference last weekend.

I heard Luci Swindoll share a testimony about her friend, Ney Bailey. I will attempt to share my paraphrase of that story with you.

Ney worked with Campus Crusade for Christ for 47 years. While serving in Poland, Ney boarded a train to depart for another country. While she waved good-bye, the folder that contained her passport, tickets and other necessary documents was stolen from her. She knew that she would be trapped for a while without those documents. She said a specific prayer asking the Lord to take charge of those documents and that the folder will be found abandoned on the ground. The authorities told her that it is very rare that these types of documents show back up. Ney chose by her will to believe in the goodness of her Lord. When she arrived at the next station, the authorities were surprised and informed her that her folder had been found on the ground just as she prayed. The folder would be returned to her the next day (minus the cash of course) but with all the necessary documents and travelers checks.

Luci then said she asked Ney what got her through that test to which Ney replied these six statements:

First, she did not put her hope in finding the folder.

Second, she talked to God about how she felt.

Third, she did not edit her prayers but poured it all out to God.

Fourth, she was totally honest.

Fifth, she believed God would provide a way even if the folder was not found.

And lastly, she claimed God’s peace (Psalm 62:8)

Those things I want to reflect on as I enter this weekend. I pray I put my trust in the Lord and not in the circumstances or how I desire the circumstances to be. I pray I believe the Lord will work for the good of me who loves HIM and have been called according to HIS purpose. (Romans 8:28).

While researching Ney Bailey I found this article based on her book Faith is Not a Feeling. This article provides more information on which to reflect. Especially on the point she shares her definition of faith—that is taking God at His word.

Lord, I pray that as I enter into your Sabbath I will meditate on Your word. I pray that I won’t be a hearer only, but a doer. Lord, You know the things that I face in the days to come. I pray that I put my trust in You and take You at Your Word which You said will never pass away. Lord, I pray that I wont put my trust in the circumstances or how I want the circumstances to unfold, but that I put my trust in You to work things out for my good. I shall trust in You at all times; pour my heart out to You and You will be my refuge. (Ps. 62:8) In Jesus name-Amen.

Blessings in Christ--

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annie's eyes said...

I'm praying for you tonight, Shonda, through the storm, and for your dear friend, Karen and her baby. Trials come and faith is taking God at His Word. Inspiring post and something surely to reflect on. You are right to expect a test after coming from the high of women of faith. Isn't it almost predictable? God will see you through because your faith will make you whole. love, annie

Ang baylis said...

I want to trust Him with you! I went to WOF for the first time last year and I'm so glad you were blessed by your weekend!

Have a good day today!
Angie xoxo

Fran said...

WOW! That was so good Shonda. A beautiful example of what I hope to be under trial. I hate to say that so many times I am not.

I hope mom and baby are doing well.

Thank you so much for sharing.
Beautifully said. I pray for increased trust.


BethAnne said...

It is sometimes so hard not to be driven by our circumstances instead of by our faith. If I had a dollar for everytime I have worried needlessly or tried to control my own life, I would be rich. (Not proud of it, but it is true). Even though we are told to 'let peace rule', there are days when we allow circumstances to rule. I pray you will be able to let peace rule in the next few days..........

marina said...

I really enjoyed Lucy S.sharing with us that story it was such a blsessing I am gald you where able to post it!!marina

Shari said...

I've been struggling in the Trusting God area lately. From my point of view, my situation doesn't look very promising. So it was good to read the post about trusting God. He's been sending this message to me tonight as I blog.

Ang baylis said...

Hi, Shonda!
I just read your comment over at Bev's blog and I want you to know that I'm praying for you! All things are possible through Christ.
Have a good day!
Angie xoxo