Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunbathing Weather

My kitty, Midnight, came home from a day and a half at the veterinary hospital. She was spayed. I went to visit her in the hospital yesterday. This facility was very clean and sterile. The staff was very kind and compassionate. The kennels were very organized. However, she did have a dog under her that barked a lot. She was discharged today. I received her prescriptions for pain, antibiotics and the written discharge instructions. (The procedures were so professional, it seemed as if it were a human hospital.) After a day and a half of absence, she was very excited to come home. She decided she wanted some sun on her bare skin where she was shaved. She propped herself up in this window seal for some sunbathing.

It was 90 degrees in south Texas today and I pulled out shorts. I need to take Midnight's lead and go get some sun!! (Nope--not showing my picture with my bare, white skin!!)

Blessings in Christ--

4 gracious comments:

Ang baylis said...

She looks so comfortable! I like her name. I always enjoy hearing what people name their pets! I want to snuggle up there. I'd give anything to be able enjoy a 90 degree day. But, the sun is out in Michigan so I'm happy!

marina said...

She is so cute poor thing she must of just been feelin bad and wanted some sun or a heating pad on her little cut. marina

Leah said...

Oh wow, we had rain allllllll day yesterday. The tornados in Georgia kept our attention most of the day.

I'm looking forward to a sunny day soon.

Poor Kitty. I hope she is feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shonda, the Lord really spoke to me this weekend about eating, I thought I would share it with you. I was asking Him for a release and wisdom, and to get my self control back where my eating was concerned. What He did was show me why it was so important and such a struggle. He showed me that His entire creation was ruined by what man chose to put in his mouth. It really woke me up as to how serious our temples are, and serious it is what we put into them. You were on my mind when He shared that with me, so I thought I would pass it on.

Beautiful post! Hope He's blessing your socks off ;) Debs