Wednesday, June 25, 2008

20th Anniversary Vacation

My husband & I spent our 20th anniversary in the Texas Hill country. We spent time alone away from kids, jobs, to-do lists, and baseball.


First we rented a cabin on the Guadalupe River. We went kayaking down the river. The water was slow and low. A few places we had to carry the kayak over the rocks, but most of the time it was great. We had a picnic on a rock under a cypress tree. I took a disposable camera on this trip as I didn’t want to risk damage to the digital camera. I’ll post a picture when I get it back.


We drove into the city of San Marcos. We went to a dry form cave that is on the only fault line in Texas. We went to see where the springs come out of the aquifer. We also went to the outlet stores. (I’ll touch on this later.) We enjoyed a great dinner on the San Marcos River.


We booked a rock climbing excursion. I recently completed a Bible Study by Angela Thomas called “Do You Think I’m Beautiful.” In this study we faced a segment on fear. “Perfect love cast out fear.” She asked, “What thing would you do if you had no fear?” I told my husband I wanted to have an adventure activity on this trip to overcome fear. So we went rock climbing. It was an adventure. I confess; I felt afraid. I did it anyway—afraid. I climbed the first climb. Then repelled from another rock. On the second climb, it was the most difficult. I almost had an anxiety attack as I could not cross over a large crag on the way down. I looked down from the where I hung from the rope and saw the depth. Flashes of scenes from “Cliffhanger” went through my mind. My sweet guide, Cheri, talked me through every step to get my feet to safety. I was shook up, but safe. Then after a break, I climbed another cliff and did great!! It feels so good to conquer fear!!


Well country folks who grew up with Country & Western music cant be in the Texas Hill Country without going to Luckenbach, Texas—the unofficial home of Willie Nelson and the late Waylon Jennings. They good folks at Luckenbach held a birthday bash for the late Waylon Jennings. We visited, listened to a few bands, bought a few souvenirs and “got back to the basics of love in Luckenbach.”

The we went on to our hidden away cabin in the country with a hot tub outside under the pecan trees.


Okay—what is a vacation without shopping? Yes, my husband was kind enough to take me shopping at the outlet center in San Marcos. He also took me antique shopping where I bought some “antique” books. We also bought souvenir t-shirts. So here’s a picture of a few things I bought.

At the end of our trip we decided to go to Austin to go shopping for him. We didn’t find exactly what he wanted in Austin. So we stopped and looked on the internet (what a day we live in to stop places and have internet service). He saw what he wanted in downtown San Antonio. So we drive to San Antonio. And here is what he wanted to buy:

We brought this cousin of Bigfoot home. Do you see the irony here? What a woman shops for and what a man shops for? Hmmmm.

Thanks for your prayers! We had a great time.

All star baseball games start tonight for my youngest boy. I hope to return to blogging later this week.

Ya’ll be blessed now in Christ our Lord!!

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littlerad said...

It looks like you both had a great time... You are in my prayers...

Alene said...

Congratulations girl! So glad you got to sneak away and have some time together! May God watch after your next 20! Blessings.

Marina said...

you are bless to have made it to #20 not too many people do anymore blessing my friend and may more happy years to come!! marina

Starla said...

Love the photos.

Leah said...


so glad you had a great time. I love the Texas Hill Country. I especially like Gruene, Tx. There is an awesome pottery store there called Buck Pottery. Happy Anniversary!!


Becoming Me said...

Happy anniversary. What a wonderful vacation