Friday, February 6, 2009

What Not to Wear

Last Sunday morning as I rushed to get ready for church, I sprinkled some powder to stay fresh then put on my black, poly-rayon blend slacks with a jacket and rushed out the door. My 11 year old time keeper taunting my habitual tardiness proclaimed, "It's a miracle, we're leaving the house five minutes after class started." I attempt to leave at 9:28 which is two minutes before class starts for we only live two blocks from church. But I always seem to be behind.

I parked. My son headed for his class, and off I walked proudly as I thought I'll still make it in time for praise reports. After class, I spoke to people in the hall before service. Then during the service, I made my way all about the sanctuary greeting many people hugging necks, grinning ear to ear during the meet and greet portion of worship. I took my seat, never noticing a white puff of glory that must have shown about me.

Upon conclusion of the service, I spoke with many people being my friendly, chatty self. My son and I returned home as usual. But as I exchanged my Sunday morning attire for my comfy Sunday afternoon threads I became horrified at what I saw--a big white circle of powder on the seat of my black pants!

Grant it, everyone was so polite to me, but I wonder how many snickers I got off that one? Anyhow, I learned what not to wear--white powder with black pants.

Engrafted by His Grace--

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Cherdecor said...

Shonda, That is hilarious! But, hey, look at it this way, I bet you smelled really good as you made your rounds to greet people! They just thought, "Wow, she smells good!" Ha! Ha!

Nicole said...

Hey Shonda. That is very funny! God has a way of using these things for humility. At least He did with me. :)

By the way I have not had a chance to sit down and read through your story in completion from the book I won. I have skimmed through it and read a page or two. From what I read I am excited to read more. You sure do have a testimony. God is soo good! Thanks again for the giveway.

Have a great weekend!


Leah said...


That sounds so like something I would do!! Perhaps you have started a new fad!!


Michelle V said...

Shonda, I feel your pain! I've had things like that happen too!


Starla said...

Is it OK to laugh? Thanks for saving some of us from this. Sorry though you had to go through it.

Talkin' Texan said...

Oh bless your heart (and dust your bottom!) I'm not laughing AT you sweet girl, I'm laughing WITH you! I know how you feel.Read one of my old posts, "Thief In The Old Blue Dress" and you can laugh WITH me too! We've all made fashion mistakes, but don't let satan rob you of your joy. Next time puff a little powder on your jacket and make them think it is some kind of funky fabric!

Debbie said...

Shonda, You made me laugh!! I feel your pain. I went through 6 years of christian school with dress clothes every day and have stories too!!

Thanks for sharing.

Anna said...

That's funny! That part of the anatomy is not usually the part we want to draw attention to!

Momofsix said...

Hilarious- I am so sorry for your embarrassment though. You are so brave to share that!


Tea With Tiffany said...

Oh, this is too funny! Glad you are able to take the oops in life and laugh at them.

This post shows you have a strong confidence, not in your clothing, but in who you are in Christ.
:) Rest your mind there!