Monday, March 30, 2009

Baseball in Puerto Rico

Life is an adventure. I believe the Lord gave me children so I can travel. Chase believes it too as he told me several times, "Mom if it were not for me making the Coast to Coast team, you may never have come to Puerto Rico." What a wise little child.

He tried out last October for the national Coast to Coast 11/12 year old baseball team. He received the invitation and we accepted. Last week was his week to play baseball with an all-American all-star team.

Chase embarked on his first flying experience ever over the Atlantic Ocean to San Juan, Puerto Rico. He met the other 15 team members and coaches. This team came together and played the best baseball this organization has ever seen. Practicing for three hours every morning, then playing double headers every evening for five days, this team bonded on the first day. These boys played at such a high competitive level, they defeated the first five teams they played. Again a first for this organization.

Word moved around on the island about this team, so on Wednesday evening a strong team from a neighboring city arrived to compete with our boys. We had gone out on a shopping tour where we walked around all afternoon. We played the first game. Then on the second game on Wednesday night, this PR all-star team showed up fresh ready for the challenge. It was the first game we lost. But we came back strong on Thursday for two more wins.

Then Thursday, the boys were asked by the coaches if they wanted to play a 13/14 year old team. Of course they all shouted, "Yes!" ready for the challenge. And this meant they had to play by the 13/14 year old rules. Instead of 60 foot bases, the bases were stretched out to 80 feet. The pitchers had to throw a distance of 54 feet instead of 46 feet. The first game was a learning experience and a warm up as our team fell to the loss at 5-2. But the second game the boys figured out how to play the bigger boys and won 6-5 in the last inning. This ended the week long season with 8 wins and 2 losses.

We had a very exciting week and yes I believe that because of my son's talents, I am blessed.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. ~~ Psalm 127:3 NIV
Chase with his teammates and coaches. Chase is on the front row, 5th from the left. If you look through the trees, you can see the Atlantic Ocean. (Double click to enlarge the picture.)

Engrafted by His Grace--

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Leah said...

I know you are a proud mama!! Go guys!! Leah

Starla said...

Well they did a wonderful job. Sounded like a great experience.

lisasmith said...

Wonderful memories for sure. Children are the greatest blessings! I know ya'll had a blast!!

Leigh Anne said...

Our children do bring us so many blessings.

marina said...

sounds like you had fun, marina