Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Relationship Rescue & Restoration

Now that I'm a Certified Personality Trainer, I'm writing a column once a month at Take Root and Write. Here's a sample:

When my husband, Eldon and I married over twenty years ago, we promised each other that the honeymoon would never end. We wanted to always be googly-eyed and kooky with each other. However, real life happened and we went to work to support our household. Then our first child was born, and that changed everything.

What used to be a fun and exciting life, turned into work (for me anyhow). Then later baby number two came along. More work. My husband and I did not see eye to eye on how things in our home should be handled.

Off and on for twenty years, we had our highs and lows. We sought out counseling from pastors (and we so exhausted a few of them that they finally retired). Then we tried licensed professional counselors. We applied the techniques we learned from these experiences, but none of the advice ever really stuck.

But, then I was introduced to The Personalities before a CLASS (Christian Leaders Authors and Speakers Services) speaking seminar. When I heard the CD's and took the personality profile, I wanted my family to take it also. When we learned about each others personalities, we were all amazed at how accurate the profile assessments were and how much better we started to understand each other.

To read the full column, jump over to Purely Personalities on Take Root and Write where Shona Neff and I share this bi-monthly column.

If you or your organization would like more information and/or training on The Personalities, please email me at shonda (at) engraftedbygrace (dot) com. I'm available for small groups, seminars and conferences.

Engrafted by His Grace--

2 gracious comments:

Kathy S. said...

Shonda, thanks for sharing this. I have benefitted greatly from things like that over the years. When I was homeschooling the kids, and things became frustrating, I had the opportunity to take learning style tests, (me and the kids) and it was such a relief to understand where the trouble was, and helped me decide to put them in public school.

Than my husband and I were having troubles too. We went to a couple's retreat and the speakers talked about how we balance each other out, how the enemy is not our spouse, it is Satan...then we did personality assesments and listed each other's strengths. It totally brought us around. We were both thinking I was inferior. He was trying to make me more like him, more decisive, more assertive...then we both saw my value, the Lord set us free.

God bless you on this venture and bless many others through your ministry!

Lindylou said...


I really appreciate you sharing this testimony. Often I get the feeling it is only my marriage that has had a rocky road, because so many Christians glaze cover their relationships to picture perfect.

It is refreshing to her someone be real.