Monday, June 28, 2010

Inherited Problems

"Wisdom is good with an inheritance" (Ecclesiastics 7:11, ESV).
I'm disgusted with watching and reading the news. I hear politicians state that they "inherited this problem."

Now I hear that mentality bleeding from politicians to the military ranks. Who's next? The CEO's? The teachers? The children?

In Sunday school class, I heard a discussion that if your parents were in credit card debt when they pass away, that most states can put a lien on all property (the inheritance) until the debts are paid. Therefore, the children inherit the debt of the parents.

I moved into a rental home in January. When we moved in, the carpets looked clean. But as we've lived in it now for five months, stains have started appearing. Not that we've done anything, but it must have been old stains that were cleaned that are resurfacing. Now what are we to do? Blame the previous tenant?

The way I see it, whenever something is passed from one person to the next, we get all the inheritance--the good, the bad and the ugly. But instead of blaming the person before us for the bad, how can we solve the problem? What do we want to pass to the next person to inherit?

In order to be a problem solver, we need wisdom. Wisdom comes from the Lord. Scripture is clear about if any of us are lacking it, we can simply ask and we'll be given it--generously. (James 1:5)

I do not want to live with stains in the carpet, even though technically, it's not my carpet and I did not cause the problem. Therefore, instead of complaining about the carpet, I'm seeking wisdom in carpet cleaning solutions.

Whether we've inherited dirty carpet, debt, or a myriad of other problems with the good, we must seek wisdom from the One who has it all. God knows how to solve our inherited problems.

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Shonda, you did it again! Great post, my friend, Great post!