Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wild and Amazing Life

Dear Friends & Family,

I thank God for His grace--Wild & Amazing Grace! Ya'll I'm having a great time in the Lord.

I like to have my blog posts publish on Monday, but that did not work out this week. Why? Because I was thrown a change-up and struck out. My youngest son, Chase, plays football with his middle school and he's now on a fall league baseball team. I knew he was on a baseball team, however, I didnt know when the season started. I learned last Friday all the baseball games are on Sunday afternoons, double headers I add. That's the time I used to write blog posts. The good news, I'm still on the line-up and I'll get another turn at bat. So I plan to return to regular schedule next week.

I'm more focused on working the numbers as mentioned in my last post for discipline. It's all a matter of discipline or I'd go wild. God has given me this one body and I must choose to be a good steward with what I have. This change requires intentional focus on my behalf. I do believe once I make it a way of life and it will become natural to me.

My partner, Shona Neff and I have StepUP Writing and Speaking going in full swing. We've had our first webinar training with more to come. We've brought in experts to our blog to share information. We're receiving such gracious and encouraging comments. These speakers are also giving away prizes. This week Kathi Lipp is giving away a speakers packet. Also, author and Proverbs 31 speaker, Shari Braendel is giving away a copy of her new book, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad. Hop on over to StepUP Writing and Speaking to leave comments for a chance to win a prize.

Darlene Schacht, who launched Christian Women Online is now launching a new online magazine with actress/author Candace Cameron Bure. I submitted according to instructions and I've been accepted to write for this new magazine that will launch in October.

I've been working with Take Root and Write for over one and half years as a columnist and editor. Noelle Mena sold it this summer to Spring Fricks. Spring has wonderful plans to grow this digital magazine even more than imagined before. We're accepting submissions for the October magazine. The theme is "rest." If you are interested, email Shona the senior editor at senioreditor[at]takerootandwrite[dot]com for more information.

I'm assisting CLASSeminars as the Transportation Coordinator for the writers conference in November. I'll be there at Ghost Ranch and if you come to the writers conference, I'll see you there!

And if that's not enough on my plate, I figured that since my wonderful state of Texas has money for veterans to receive a higher level education, I've transferred to my local university's liberal arts program for a degree in English and American Literature. I started my classes this week.

That's an update with what's going on in my wild and amazing life! Please share a bit about what's going on in your life.

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