Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goin' Rock Crawlin'

Well folks, the weekend is here that my husband, Eldon has been looking forward to for months. We're goin' four wheelin'. (Can you hear my Texas draw?)

We have two 4X4 vehicles we'll be taking to the rocks. Our teenage son will have his maiden voyage on the rocks with his newly acquired Suzuki. My husband insists that I drive on the rocks this weekend. I insist on taking all the videos and photos. (Who will win this insist game?) I like his jeep. But I really like it better when he drives it. I drove it the last night to pick up my son and my pony tail blew in my face and I couldn't see. You know it is still warm in Texas and of course the doors and top are off. I tend to be more like a cat, not a dog. I don't like the wind in my face. Not to mention that it takes a lot of work to drive a stick shift.

Here's the kicker. I just learned a few days ago that we'll really be camping. Now Eldon told me we were going camping, but I thought camping with bathrooms off down the road with showers. You know the kind made out of cinder blocks with the spiders in all the corners, but you're glad they're there anyway (the toilets, not the spiders). No! Only port-a-potties! No electricity and no running water! Did I say I'm thankful it is only for the weekend!

Eldon informed me at dinner tonight that I need to be ready by noon on Friday. We are leaving promptly at noon. He even told me to think I need to be ready by 11am. No reason for him to repeat it to me three times. Do you really think I would give him any reason to believe I wouldn't be ready on time? After all, on this trip I dont need any make-up or even a curling iron or hair chemicals. Probably a pony-tail holder and a ball cap will do.

I think I'm ready---I've already packed the wet wipes and toilet paper and food and drinks. He has the tent and sleeping bags. Should I take my toothbrush or should he kiss me with stuck in food and bad breathe?

Well I hope to post some pictures and a good story or two when I return. Ya'll have a good weekend now ya hear.

(P.S. --I just decided to take my toothbrush & toothpaste. I wont be able to stand it.)

3 gracious comments:

jen said...

Oh my goodness girl! Good luck out there! I remember I liked camping back when I was younger so we decided to take the boys camping this summer. NOT a good decision. 2 small boys who have never done anything like that... it was interesting to say the least. One tip though, we took bottled water to brush our teeth with, worked pretty good! I'll be praying for you guys this weekend. I hope God blesses you all with a wonderful family moment that you will always treasure and remember. :) Love ya Siesta!

darla said...

I am goin to say a prayer right now for you, and I would have taken my toothbrush too..I used to love that when I was younger..hate to admit I have gotten older..but I did, and I want a bathroom down the road at least.

Hope y'all have fun! Princess to princess

Anonymous said...

It's Sunday night and I'm just now reading your post. I'm hoping that you've had a great weekend despite the port-a-potty and no showers. I can't wait to hear how it went!