Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Heart Like His by Beth Moore

I am so excited that I am part of a Ladies Bible study that started yesterday. We're studying Beth Moore's "A Heart Like His." Yesterday we had our fellowship brunch and watched the introductory video. We all had a hoot laughing at the differences in how Beth's hair do and clothes looked 10 years ago and recalled how we looked back then too. We love you Beth! Oh my--but the words Beth spoke on the video were still fresh and relevant today. I am looking forward to digging into God's word through this study. Beth did warn on the video that there are lots of confrontational scriptures & comforting ones as well. She asked everyone to stick with it. I love the Lord as He allowed me to facilitate a group--I just have to laugh for if I make a commitment as a group facilitator, I'll stick with it and complete all the assignments! If you have participated in this study before, please let me know how it ministered to you.

Blessings in Christ my dear sisters--

3 gracious comments:

annie said...

I went to go get my study guide out and look through it to see what I remembered about the study and that must have been the only one I didn't do of hers. I thought I had done them all. I bought the study guide, but didn't get a chance to see the videos. I might be doing two of her studies, since most of the Esther homework is not ready and won't be ready. I did get a chuckle at her sweet Texas hair. Hope to share more as we go.

Emily said...

hey! I did this study several years agao and I loved it! I am trying to remember what I walked away with and I think for me the biggest thing was studying about David and seeing the humanity in him. I amazed at how many things David did that were big-time sin (like adultery and murder!)and yet God still called him a man after His own heart. Grace all the way through the Bible! Hope you enjoy it!

chandler said...

I finnished that bible study last tuseday. It really blessed my heart, and I pray that it blessed you as well. - boo girl