Sunday, June 29, 2008


Marina awarded the "Blog of Distinction" award. I am humbled by her words that I bless her. I confess all I do is by God's grace and the Lord deserves all the glory!

I desire to pass this blessing on to others of you who bless me in so many ways. If you are on the blog roll, please consider yourself awarded--please accept it and bless others too.

Specifically I want to mention the following ladies who bless me by the posts that reveal themselves yet always point to Christ who lives in them.





Becoming Me

Love to you all!
Blessings in Christ--

P.S. I hope to be back visiting blogs and posting personal devotions again soon. Life has been like a run away train for me with all the activities taking place in my family--high school graduation, out of town guests, anniversary, baseball and more baseball. Did I mention baseball? :)

5 gracious comments:

littlerad said...

Thank you for the award... I will be praying for you every day while you are going through all of these activity's... Talk to you soon...

Leah said...


Thank you for the award! It is all Him!! I just type, He Speaks. I've been pretty lax about posting and visiting other blogs lately because I have been so darned busy. Hopefully things will settle down soon!!

Thanks again.


Mrs. N. said...

Thank you Shonda! This is such a sweet award and one that you certainly deserve.

Blessings to you. (Becoming Me)

Marina said...

Shonda you are so beauitful and you have bless so many people with your heart.marina

Bev Brandon said...

Shonda, I don't how I missed this but was just looking through your blog and saw this and maybe God wanted me to have it on this day. This past week has been one of the hardest ever with our business issues we've faced. So thanks so much from deep places in my heart