Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Real Surreal

I went to San Antonio for the LPM Conference and Siesta Fiesta excited about what was to come. I left satiated—full of the Word of God, full of fellowship with like minded believers, full of God’s love all around me!

I was thrilled to meet people for the first time in person that I have met via blogs and emails and occasional telephone calls. It’s as if these people came through the computer screen transforming from two-dimensional to real life! And we actually gave each other hugs! No holograms! Real people in the flesh (and beautiful clothes, hair [in spite of the extreme humidity] and smiles)!

I forced myself to watch Beth teach live from the stage instead of watching the monitors. I’m so accustomed to watching her on a monitor or television screen from numerous Bible studies and a recent simulcast. I was there to see and hear her teach in person. The Lord has truly anointed and equipped her to teach HIS word.

Beth may not know this, but she is my mentor as a Bible teacher and speaker. I learn from her as I watch and listen to her. I found her to be a real person with real emotions and fears of being in front of approximately 10,000 women (and a few men). She stated something to the effect that she researches new topics for each event and she does not know how it will turn out for the first time in front of thousands.

For me, her realness allows me to be able to relate to her. A Bible teacher who is so perfectly polished is so hard for me to relate to in my everyday life. A very polished teacher to me is like an air-brushed model on a glamour magazine. I enjoy how Beth is so excited about sharing the Word of God with all who were in attendance. Her passion for Christ and His Word radiates from her. It is apparent she spends time with HIM.

The crowd was so gracious to her and laughed at something that others had to explain to me as I was preoccupied writing notes. I missed the “peeps” comment. I did not receive the remote control with the arm band for admittance; therefore, I could not rewind for a moment, listen and then press live TV. I was surprised Saturday morning when Beth said that her daughters chastised her about using the word “peeps” after the previous night’s event, so she played on it even more. I just loved it!

As Beth continued in her teaching and in her excitement, she forgot to tell us point number 4 (out of 8 points), but the crowd would not let her move ahead skipping such important information. Her daughters sitting on the front row also corrected her on a few other things. She so graciously went with the flow of it and continued in the anointing of the teaching the Lord put on her heart.

For me, I cannot emphasize enough that I can relate much better to a teacher who is real. In the surreal circumstances as I never imagined a LPM conference so close to home, I met the real deal as I heard Beth humbly present the gospel message—the good news that as believers we have an inheritance.

The theme of the conference was “The Inheritance” with the scripture reference in Psalm 16. The key verses for the teaching were Psalm 16:5-6 from the ESV translation.

The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup;
you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have abeautiful inheritance.

We have an inheritance as heirs of God, co-heirs of Christ Jesus. The inheritance theme starts in Genesis and ends in Revelation. It is consistent throughout the Word of God. She stated that if we get this into our marrow and really believe it that we wouldn’t deal with ourselves so cheaply and easily.

Beth delivered an eight point message over the course of the conference. There’s no way I can summarize in one post. But know this & wake up each day to say, “I am an heiress of God.”

After the conference the Siestas met with Beth, Amanda and Melissa. We formed groups for group photo opportunities. (You can see my group photo with Beth here.) Then for an hour we had a Q & A session with the three Moore’s. What a great opportunity to get to know them better as real people who love the Lord and in turn love HIS people.

I’ve posted some pictures of this conference here and here.

I want to thank the Lord for the opportunity to attend a Beth Moore conference. I want to thank my husband who arranged his work schedule so I can go as well as finance the trip. Thank you dear!

Engrafted by His Grace--

5 gracious comments:

jen said...

Oh girl I know what you mean! Watching those screens made me feel as if Beth were not really there, sort of like it was a video series or something. So I made myself watch her on stage as well. :) Needed to get that "live" feel in my head! When I say (outloud!) that I have an inheritance, I also add on, "and I am NOT a boring heiress!" while I snap my finger and bob my head. :) hahaha, just makes me smile. :)

Love you Siesta! And I'm so glad I got to hug you sweet girl!

Michelle V said...


I agree with you completely! I have always admired Beth's "realness" and that she shows herself as a flawed human like the rest of us, but somehow seeing her live this weekend showed us that even more. Like you, I wouldn't be able to relate to a rockstar Bible teacher who pretended to be glamorous and perfect!

And I love jen's comment that she adds a snap and head-bob! Too cute!


Laurel Wreath said...

So glad you had a great time, thank you for sharing about it for those of us who were not able to go.


Michelle Bentham said...

okay... So how did we actually miss each other in San Antonio... Great post by the way.

Beth's authenticity has always been something I've admired and respected.

Jen's comment is too funny. "Ain't No High, Like the Most High!"


Momofsix said...

If you model Beth in her technics- then you are also as inspirational as Beth. Maybe someday the Lord will bless me with an opportunity to come and see for myself.

I am sorry I missed hugging you and meeting you- I was looking forward to it.

I have been so blessed reading everyones blogs, seeing everyones photos.

God bless-
Your Siesta