Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mercy Came Down by Del Way

Last Saturday at a Women's Ministry event, Jolee sang the special song. She sang this song Mercy Came Down by Del Way. The words ministered to my soul.

You can visit Del Way's website to learn more about his music and ministry.
Del Way Ministries

Engrafted by His Grace--

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Nicole said...

So glad you are memorizing scripture also. I haven't gotten so far to write them down on cards, I am still waiting hear which one God would have me memorize.

Btw, I have been praying the prayer you wrote out for husbands on your website. I have seen results from it, and want to thank you for being obedient and writing it out. It is changing our lives! In recent days I have seen a hunger and thirst for righteousness that I have not seen before. Praise Jesus, for He is truly all that satisfies! God's word is so powerful and when we pray it back to Him he surely listens and answers!!!

Love in Him,